AoE stands for area of effect. Area of Effect is a term used in many role-playing and strategy games to describe attacks or spells that can affect multiple targets within a specified area. Leech and Harvest HP have only a 30% effect on all AoE skills, with a few exceptions.

Types of AoEEdit

There are many varieties of AoE skills.

Chain AoEEdit

Chain AoE skills start off at one target but if there is another target nearby, it will jump to that target.

List of chain AoE:

This type of ability only bounces to one target once and has a limited amount of bounces but there are a few exceptions:

Lava Snake

Molten Lord (Guervus)'s Lava Snake - Can hit the same target multiple times

Spiked Shield

Golem Guardian (12-B)'s Spiked Shield

Arcane Orb

Arcane Warrior (Vigelos)'s Arcane Orb

Cone AoEEdit

Cone AoE affects a conic area that starts at the feet of the caster. All valid targets in the cone receive the same damage.

List of cone AoE:

Tidal Wave

Elemental Lord (Migrove)'s Tidal Wave

Arrow flurry

Dark Elf Exile (Ihaelryna)'s Arrow Flurry

Rapid shot

Demon Hunter (Lebmont)'s Rapid Shot

Deadly Gaze

Planewalker (Jombraa)'s Deadly Gaze

Radiant Light Earth Colossus (Erefern)'s Radiant Light

Infection Sand Walker (Agdirousi)'s Infection

Ground Targeted AoEEdit

Ground AoE (abbreviated GTAoE) is when the player places a circle on the ground of the battlefield which will be the area of effect. The player would start casting/channeling this near to enemies. All units that are in the GTAoE or remain in it will suffer the damage/effects.

List of GTAoE: Eagle Eye

Shock Field

Elemental Lord (Migrove)'s Shock Field

Pillars of Flame

Harbinger of Doom (Goroshia)'s Pillar of Flames

Essence of labaulan

Essence of Labaulan

Ant territory Ant Guard (Clip Dirtblade)'s Ant Guard's Ant Territory

Nut grenade Child of the Forest (Nuutt)'s Nut Grenade

Point-Blank AoEEdit

Point-Blank AoE is a skill that affects all nearby units around you . Point-Blank AoE doesn't need a target to be cast, the caster is the anchor. The damage radiats from the caster up to a certain range. Point Blank AoE is abbrivated to PBAoE.

List of PBAoE:

Heal 2Heal 2

Mana Regeneration 2Mana Regeneration 2

Burning Shackles

Harbinger of Doom (Goroshia)'s Burning Shackle

Potency Breakout

Golem Guardian (12-B)'s Potency Breakout

Barbarian storm

Bone Breaker (Valox Fireraven)'s Barbarian Storm

Lava Burst

Molten Lord (Guervus)'s Lava Burst

Eye of the BeholderPlanewalker (Jombraa)'s Eye of the Beholder

Power word smite Battle Mage (Anioah)'s Power Word: Smite

Eye of fury Cyclops (Polyphemous)'s Eye of Fury

Crippling Blow Paladin Grandmaster (Lut'Hiran)'s Crushing Blow

Line-Based AoEEdit

Line-based AoE is a skill that only works only to straight line (from point A to point B).


Harbinger of Doom (Goroshia)'s Hurricane

Fate Altered

Inquisitor (Debronee)'s Fate Altered

Dark ScytheDemon Lord (Kirasath)'s Dark Scythe

Twin Fan Twister Wind Dancer (Aria Eagleheart)'s Twin Fan Twister

1386268714-image Child of the Forest (Nuutt)'s Sling Cannon

Beam Gaia Guardian (Laurelai)'s Beam Cannon

Super AoEEdit

Super AoE are AoE skills that heals 100% of leech effect from what the damage was. E.g: If a AoE skill dealt 100 damage & you have 20% Leech HP you will be healed 20 HP × Units that are hitted (not counting Defenses) would be given back to the caster. Additionally, the Rage tablet also works with these skills and gives 100% of the Arrogance Cloak effect.

There is no list of Super AoE since it was removed from the game (from all heroes that had skills which had super AoE).


These AoE skills have both characteristics of two or more types of AoE

Word of power cleansingBattle Mage (Anioah)'s Word of Power: Cleansing- line AoE and cone AoE

Power strike Nomad Assassin (Savaer)'s Power Strike- GTAoE and PBAoE