An assassin is a highly mobile character that excels in quickly targeting and eliminating key opponents such as the enemy carry or Mage. Oftentimes, they have great initiate and escape skills which allow them to enter and exit a fight sporadically, positioning themselves to take kills while remaining relatively safe. The typical strategy employed is to wait until the enemy has focused on allies before stealthily approaching and incapacitating the target (often squishy but high damaging targets). Sometimes referred to as Anti-Carries, they are an invaluable asset to the team.

Most assassins have a way to get out of a fight like a invisibility skill or a blink/gap closer.

An assassin can also refer to a initiator.

List of heroes that can play the role of AssassinEdit

Nomad assassin iconNomad Assassin (Savaer)

Inquisitor iconInquisitor (Debronee)

Dark elf exile iconDark Elf Exile (Ihaelryna)

EvstixBone Stalker (Evstix)

Chameleon iconChameleon (Kuirras)