Battle Engineer (Marithus)
Marithus 2D
"The whole world is my battlefield"
Gender Male
Class Fighter
Current Meta Assassin
Damage Physical
Difficulty 8 Support(Fox)
Physical 9 Physical 9
Magical 4
Resilience 5
Support 1
Emblem price 28,000 Credits icon
Rune price 560 Rune icon

"The whole world is my battlefield"

A master siege engineer turned gladiator, Marithus was accused of treason as a scrapegoat after a crippling defeat for the kingdom. Forced to fight in a trial by combat, Marithus came out alive. Now living in exile, Marithus waders from battlefield to battlefield, combining his mastery of mechanics with his newfound martial skills. Perhaps one day he will return to his homeland, and exact vengeance.



Just Desserts Just Desserts

Marithus shoots an enemy with a timed projectiles, which deals 50/75/100/125 + (40% of physical attack) damage on impact. After 2 seconds the projectile explodes and deals 50/100/150/200 + (40% of physical attack) AOE damage.

Impact damage: 50/75/100/125 + (35% of physical attack)

Explodes damage: 50/100/150/200 + (35% of physical attack)

Stun duration: 1/1.25/1.75/2 seconds

Cost: 80/90/100/110 MP

Range: 10 meters

Cooldown: 16/14/12/10 seconds

Bladefall Bladefall

Marithus leaps into the air and strikes the ground with his sword unleashing a shock wave that hits an enemy's

Cost: 60//70/80/90 MP

Range: 12 meters

Cooldown: 18/16/14/12 seconds

Damage to hero: 90/180/270/360 + (40% of physical attack)

Damage to an enemy soldier: 80/120/160/200 + (40% of physical attack)

Note: if there is more than one enemy in the path of the shock wave, the damage will be split between them. The damage dealt to different units varies

Battle Born Battle Born

Passive: Marithus gains an extra Harvest HP bonus of 15%/20%/25%30%. The effect is decreased by the number of surrounding enemies, but cannot go below 5%. A soldier decreases the bonus by 2%, an enemy hero by 3%.

Active: Marithus gains an additional 20/40/60/80 Physical Attack for his next 5 Normal Attacks. The Physical Attack buff reduces by 4/8/12/16 after each Normal Attack until it reaches 0, at which point Physical Attack is normal again.

Cost: 80 MP

Cooldown: 11/10/9/8 seconds

Range: N/A

Passive: Increase Marithus extra Harvest HP bonus by 15%/20%/25%/30%

Active: Increase Marithus Physicak Attack by 20/40/60/80 The Physical Attack buff reduces by 4/8/12/16 after each Normal Attack until it reaches 0

Decimation Day Decimation Day

Marithus stabs an enemy with his sword dealing, 75/150/225 + (35% of physical attack) damage and stunning the enemy for 1 second. He then uses an explosive to unleash 200/300/400 + (35% of physical attack) AOE damage in a fan shape in front of him. Note: the attack can be interrupted before the battle engineer unleashes his explosive

Cost: 120/150/180 MP

Stab damage: 75/150/225 + (35% of physical attack)

explosive damage: 200/300/400 + (35% of physical attack)

Range: 6 meters

Cooldown: 60/50/40 seconds

Note: The attack can be interrupted before the Battle Engineer unleashes his explosive.

Base Stats

Level 1 568 360 53 0.77 Melee 4.35 15 11 1.19 1.1
+ Per Level 84 40 41 0.03 - - 2.3 2.5 0.17 0.17
Level 15 1744 920 110.4 1.19 Melee 4.35 47.2 46.42 3.33 3.48


2D Skins / 3D Skins and another picture about Marithus

  • Classic Skin - Released: 28-Aug-2014
  • Classic Skin - Released: 28-Aug-2014