Battle Mage (Anioah)
"Do not be so foolish as to judge a mage's skill by her appearance"
Gender Female
Class Support
Current Meta Tank/Bruiser/Mage/Support
Damage Magical
Difficulty 6 Difficulty6
Physical 6 Physical6
Magical 8 Magical8
Resilience 6 Resilience6
Support 9 Support9
Emblem price 9,000 Credits icon
Rune price 225 Rune icon
"Do not be so foolish as to judge a mage's skill by her appearance."

As one of Grandmaster Airurasth's most brilliant students, Anioah is not only a powerful mage with unmatched skills in spellcasting, but she can also wield a sword as deftly as any seasoned warrior. As mightly as she is on the battlefield, Anioah is perhaps more known for her unrivaled beauty. But make a remark about her appearance and it could be the last thing you'll ever say...


  • MP Regeneration 1 and MP Regeneration 2 work for Anioah as she can use her MP skill and then cast Word of Power: Protection to save her from dying.
  • Make sure to always have a full MP bar as you will deal more damage whilst also having that extra safety net with Word of Power: Protection.
  • Anioah dominates the laning phase with Word of Power: Evaporation as she can poke the enemy whilst also meaning they won't have MP so they can't cast skills.
  • Anioah falls behind in late game due to her damage not being as powerful as it is in early game.
  • A Fername Blade is a must for Anioah since it raises her damage output and gives an added slow to Word of Power: Evaporation. Of course fernames blade is a must, but after that, focus on increasing defenses as one has to pierce that defenses for both life bar and mana bar to kill her :)
  • This is the update that battle mage has so longed dreamed for. With very short cooldowns on her skills, you can find just about any use for her. However, make sure you are using your mana shield correctly since her dps is quite low. So you might just run out of mana in the middle of a battle when you need just one more hit. Also, keep an eye for both your health and your mana. Sometimes your so focused on keeping a sufficient amount of that you forget that you have 10% of health left.


Word of power evaporationWord of Power: Evaporation

Anioah sacrifices her spirit energy to damage the spirit energy of another. If the attack is successful, the energy is restored

Cost: 90/135/180/225 MP

Range: 8/8/8/8 meters

Damage: 100% of the MP burned (Max 90/125/160/195) + [45% Magical/Physical Attack]

Cooldown: 14/12/10/8 seconds

Additional Effect: The target will be slowed if his or her MP reaches 0 after being hit by the skill.

Word of power cleansingWord of Power: Cleansing

Anioah sends out a wave of crushing spirit energy in all directions, damaging everyone in its path

Cost: 80/90/100/110 MP

Range: 11/11/11/11 meters

Damage: 110/160/210/260 + 5% of Anioah's current MP + 55% Magical Attack

Cooldown: 14/12/10/8 seconds

Word of power protectionWord of Power: Protection

Cost: 0 MP

Cooldown: 12/10/8/6 seconds

Passive: Restores 1/2/3/4 MP every second to nearby allies

Active: Creates a shield that spends MP to block all incoming Damage for 6 seconds

Power word smitePower Word: Smite

Anioah unleashes her fury and slams the ground, damaging all nearby enemies

Cost: 150/225/300 MP

Damage: 140/200/260 + 20% of Anioah's current MP + 100% Magical Attack, Magical Defense lowered by 20/40/60% for 10 seconds

Cooldown: 90/75/65 seconds

Movement Speed Reduction: 20% for 10 seconds

Base Stats

1 549 386 49 0.71 Melee 4.3 18 16 1.24/s 1.28/s
2 631 430 51.8 0.72 Melee 4.3 20.4 18.59 1.49/s 1.53/s
3 713 474 54.6 0.73 Melee 4.3 22.8 21.18 1.74/s 1.78/s
4 795 518 57.4 0.74 Melee 4.3 25.2 23.77 1.99/s 2.03/s
5 877 562 60.2 0.75 Melee 4.3 27.6 26.36 2.24/s 2.28/s
6 959 606 63 0.76 Melee 4.3 30 28.95 2.49/s 2.53/s
7 1041 650 65.8 0.77 Melee 4.3 32.40 31.54 2.74/s 2.78/s
8 1123 694 68.8 0.78 Melee 4.3 34.8 34.13 2.99/s 3.03/s
9 1205 738 71.4 0.79 Melee 4.3 37.2 36.72 3.24/s 3.28/s
10 1287 782 74.2 0.8 Melee 4.3 39.6 39.31 3.49/s 3.53/s
11 1369 826 77 0.81 Melee 4.3 42 41.9 3.74/s 3.78/s
12 1451 870 79.8 0.82 Melee 4.3 44.9 44.49 3.99/s 4.03/s
13 1533 914 82.6 0.83 Melee 4.3 46.8 47.08


14 1615 958 85.4 0.84 Melee 4.3 49.2 49.67 4.49/s 4.53/s
15 1697 1002 88.2 0.85 Melee 4.3 51.6 52.26 4.74/s 4.78/s


Anioah (Default)
Anioah 175px
2D 3D
Cost: 225 Rune icon
Harlequin Harlequin3D
2D 3D

Cost: ? Rune icon

Courtesan Courtesan3D
2D 3D
Cost: 520 Rune icon

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