Bringer of Salvation (Donovac)
Donovac 2D image 2
"For the weak, for the weary, for the helpless, FOR THE LIGHT!"
Gender Male
Class Guardian
Current Meta Tank
Damage Physical
Difficulty 4 Difficulty-4
Physical 5 Physical - 5
Magical 3 Magical-3
Resilience 9
Support 6 Difficulty-6
Emblem price 28,000 Credits icon
Rune price 520 Rune icon
"For the weak, for the weary, for the helpless, FOR THE LIGHT!"
—Donovac's quote upon selection

Donovac heard the call of his god at a young age, telling him to help others and punish the wicked. His peers thought him dangerous for he would not hesitate to raise a fist in righteous fury when he felt the need. Realizing he was unwelcome, he left, searching for causes to champion and injustices to right. Eventually, Donovac crossed paths with the illustrious Lut'Hiran who captured his interest like no one before. Now, Donovac travels in his company, fighting their enemies and defending those who need him most.


  • Holy Burst.jpg Holy Burst is a very powerful skill with a very long range. Use this range to initiate fights from afar or to escape/disengage from fights.
  • Donovac works best when he is facing enemies since Blessed Bulwark.jpg Blessed Bulwark active effect protects him from the front and Light of the Heavens.jpg Light of the Heavens stuns all enemies facing him.
  • Beware of Kortav icon Kortav since Predator.png Predator gets Kortav icon Kortav behind Donovac icon Donovac and Piercing Claw.png Piercing Claw deals additional damage from damaging enemies from behind. Since Blessed Bulwark.jpg Blessed Bulwark protects Donovac icon Donovac from his front, duelling with Kortav icon Kortav is a bad idea.


Holy BurstHoly Burst

A divine projection burst from Donovac towards the target location, dealing damage. If cast again within 3 seconds, Donovac will rush to the projections location, stunning nearby enemies.

Cost: 40/?/?/? MP

Range: 17 meters

Cooldown: 9 seconds

Damage: 60/?/?/? + [35% Physical Attack]

Stun Time: 0.75/?/?/? seconds

Shield SlamShield Slam

Donovac smashes his target with his shield. This crushing blow is unaffected by armor, ignoring all Physical Defense and also slowing his target in the process.

Cost: ?/?/?/? MP

Range: Melee

Cooldown: ?/?/?/? seconds

Damage: 75/150/225/300 True Damage

Movement Speed Reduction: 10% for 3 seconds

Blessed BulwarkBlessed Bulwark

Donovac assumes a defensive posture, raising his shield.

Cost: ?/?/?/? MP

Cooldown: ?/?/?/? seconds

Passive: Reduces damage received from Normal Attacks by 5/10/15/20%.

Active: Blocks all damage (both Normal Attacks and Skills) coming from the front of Divine Bringer 1/2/3/4 time within 3 seconds.

Light of the HeavensLight of the Heavens

Donovac unleashes rays of holy light, damaging all nearby enemies and blinding those facing him.

Cost: ?/?/? MP

Range: 6 meters

Cooldown: ?/?/? seconds

Damage: 150/?/? + [50% Physical Attack]

Effect: Those blinded are affected for 3 seconds, decreasing their Normal Attacks by 50/70/90%.

Base Stats

1 Melee 4.25
2 Melee 4.25
3 Melee 4.25
4 Melee 4.25
5 Melee 4.25
6 Melee 4.25
7 Melee 4.25
8 Melee 4.25
9 Melee 4.25
10 Melee 4.25
11 Melee 4.25
12 Melee 4.25
13 Melee 4.25
14 Melee 4.25
15 Melee 4.25


2D Skins

  • Classic Skin - Released: 9-Oct-2014

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