• I came back to the wiki I once contributed the (how I saw some minutes ago) now loved Archimtiros page to. As the old wiki referred to this page, I now am pretty helpless about how to communicate with the other contributors of this wiki, therefore I created this page. I feel like there has to be a page like that, as any 'references to contacts', which are needed if someone wants to help on here, are completely missing, therefore, there's no possibility to be introduced in any way. This thread certainly will be restructured or deleted and replaced; I'm not very experienced with this coding anymore, so I have no idea whether making a real thread is even possible; however I wouldn't see a problem with just writing below the original lines after inserting returns, which would make it a thread-like chat.

  • Good job on the Archimtiros page but I kinda said it was so beautfiul becuase it's the first page i've put the magical infobox template in which has worked lol. Are you also the user super-simon95? Becuase there are two accounts called simon and I don't know if they are different people or the same person -_- I'm going to make a page soon on how to structure pages, how to add infoboxes and a little about writing pages in source mode. The mobile version of wikia automatically puts it into source mode so I don't advice editing on mobile unless you understand the source mode. Also, put in your wikia 'signature' so we know who is talking. To do this, put in ~.~.~.~ (without the fullstops)


      Kr4m123 (talk) 17:46, February 25, 2014 (UTC)

    •Hey. No, i'm not that super-simonxx. I usually don't have access to a computer; i do pretty everything on my iPhone; means, even the original Doom Prophet site i did on this with the source mode lol... Took me pretty long, but i always manage to do things by trying, so it even works out when i do not know the code :) Simon95 </li>

    Thx for the help, did the best I could trying to copy and paste your pages and learning from your coding, hope I will learn more from you :) Supersimon68 (talk) 05:16, February 26, 2014 (UTC)