Fighters are heroes that specialize in auto-attack damage. They often play a carry role in teams.

Characteristics and RoleEdit

Fighter icon

The fighter icon in-game.

Fighters are the most widely chosen group of heroes and are usually the easiest to play. They rely on their auto-attacks for their main source of damage and usually build attack speed and sometimes pure damage.

The main role of a Fighter is for them to carry. They hide behind the tanks and supports in fights and then come out when the tanks/supports initiate.

Some Fighters can also play the role of Assassin.

Fighters can be both ranged and melee.

Available HeroesEdit

There are total of 16 fighters.

Sandwalker icon Sand Walker (Adigrousi)

Inquisitor icon Inquisitor (Debronee)

Reborn tyrant icon Reborn Tyrant (Kagax)

Dark elf exile icon Dark Elf Exile (Ihaelryna)

Chameleon icon Chameleon (Kuirras)

Nomad assassin icon Nomad Assassin (Savaer)

Demon hunter icon Demon Hunter (Lebmont)

Savage princess icon Savage Princess (Akartu)

Nuutt Child of the Forest (Nuutt)

Evstix Bone Stalker (Evstix)

Aria Wind Dancer (Aria Eagleheart)

Kortav icon The Bloodletter (Kortav)

Dailiana block image The Shadow (Dailiana)

Marithus block image Battle Engineer (Marithus)

Javelin Warrior icon Javelin Warrior (Draeznor)

Qiu yuelan icon Artful Assassin (Qiu Yuelan)

Lu Yunfei icon The Living Weapon (Lu Yunfei)


  • Nuutt's ultimate, Sling Cannon, has the longest range in the game.
  • Savaer has the most attack speed at level 1 as a base stat.

Additional InformationEdit

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