Forgotten Warrior (Balondis the Merciless)
Balondis image
"Mercy? Ha! They don't call me Balondis the Merciless for nothing!"
Gender Male
Class Guardian
Current Meta Guardian/Bruiser
Damage Physical
Difficulty Difficulty(Balondis)
Physical Physical(Balondis)
Magical Magical(Balondis)
Resilience R(Balondis)
Support Support(Balondis
Emblem price 17,400 Credits icon
Rune price 340 Rune icon
"Mercy? Ha! They don't call me Balondis the Merciless for nothing!"
—Balondis the Merciless' quote upon selection

An empty grave on the Whispering Islands read "Here lies Balondis the Merciless, who snapped the back of the great King Gyre." This inscription is all Balondis knows of his former life. He wanders Haradon, searching for clues that could tell him who he once was.


  • Balondis has a very powerful skill set and, when used correctly, he can become a real threat to the enemy.
  • Infernal Cage.jpg Infernal Cage is a very good skill both to hem the enemy in and to escape
  • Infernal Cage.jpg Infernal Cage can still affect invisible enemies so if, for example, a Ihaelryna is trying to escape you via her Invisibility as they are dangerously low, you can place Infernal Cage.jpg Infernal Cage on where you thought they ran to and it will/can kill them.
  • Carrion Swarm.jpg Carrion Swarm silence is very powerful against heroes that are very skill reliant.
  • Undying Vengeance.jpg Undying Vengeance can be very powerful for all in heroes such as Debronee. If Debronee initiates with Fate Altered.jpg Fate Altered or Warpath.jpg Warpath, Balondis can cast Undying Vengeance.jpg Undying Vengeance to negate Intensify.jpg Intensify and to stun Debronee. Debronee is made useless with Intensify.jpg Intensify on it's 30 second cooldown and he has also missed the cooldown reduction with the passive of Warpath.jpg Warpath.


Corrosive Dust Corrosive Dust

Balondis showers his enemy with a handful of abyssal dust.

Cost: 80/100/120/140 MP

Range: 9 meters

Cooldown: 15 seconds

Damage: 80/150/210/280 + [35% Magical Attack]

Movement Speed Reduction: 40% for 2 seconds

Carrion Swarm Carrion Swarm

Summons a horde of bats around Balondis.

Cost: 100 MP

Radius: 5 meters

Cooldown: 20/18/16/14 seconds

Damage: 15/25/35/45 + [25% Magical/Physical Attack] per second, last 5 seconds.

Undying Vengeance Undying Vengeance

Cost: 80 MP

Cooldown: 25 seconds

Passive: Reduce incoming magic damge by 3/6/9/12%

Active: An enemy who targets Balondis with a spell receives 25/50/75/100 + [58% Physical Attack] and is stunned for 0.5 seconds, last 6 seconds.

Infernal Cage Infernal Cage

Balondis immobilizes his enemies by trapping them in a spiritual cage.

Cost: 100 MP

Range: 8 meters

Radius of cage: 5 meters

Cooldown: 90/80/70 seconds

Damage: 65/85/105 + [15% Magical/Physical Attack] magical damage every second to the enemy for 5 seconds.

Additional Effect: Reduce incoming Damage by 20% for allies in the cage.

Base Stats

Level 1 568 360 49 0.71 Melee 4.42 24 19 1.22 1.1
+ Per Level 94 40 3 0.01 - - 3 3.2 0.25 0.15
Level 15 1884 920 91 0.85 Melee 4.42 66 63.8 4.72 3.2


2D Skins

  • Classic Skin - Released: 21-Nov-2012
  • Gilded Fury - Released: 21-Nov-2012 - Cost: ? Rune icon
  • Earthly Remains - Released: ? - Cost: ? Rune icon
  • The Skellyewag - Released 22-May-2014 - Cost: 520 Rune icon

3D Skins

  • Balondis 3D.png Classic Skin 3D - Released: 21-Nov-2012
  • Gilded Fury - Released: 21-Nov-2012 - Cost: ? Rune icon
  • Earthly Remains 3D - Released: ? - Cost: ? Rune icon
  • The Skellyewag 3D - Released 22-May-2014 - Cost: 520 Rune icon
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