Frostland Guardian (Rock Fist)
Rock fist image
Gender Male
Class Guardian
Current Meta Bruiser
Damage Physical
Difficulty  ?
Physical  ?
Magical  ?
Resilience  ?
Support  ?
Emblem price 1,800 Credits icon
Rune price 60 Rune icon
—Rock Fist's quote upon selection

Rock Fist roamed the frozen wilds of the Far North in solitude until human explorers captured him with the intent of selling him to carnival mogul. During their voyage back to the main continent, Rock Fist broke free from his cage and slaughtered everyone on board. The ship later wrecked off the Tear Coast with Rock Fist on board.




Cost: 75/90/105/120 MP

Cooldown: 12 seconds

Damage: 85/130/175/220 + [25% Physical Attack]

Movement speed reduction: 25/30/35/40% for 3 seconds

Crushing blow

Thick Fur



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