Ganking is the act of stealthily roaming around the map in order to kill an enemy Hero through a numbers advantage. It's usually when the friendly jungler comes to a lane to help inhibit and kill an enemy. Heroes who are effective at this can properly use crowd control like slows and stuns to secure the kill and to enact a successful gank.

The Advantages of GankingEdit

Ganking earns gold and experience from the kill and assists for your team and will often reduce the enemy laner's gold income as they are forced to either retreat or they are killed, meaning they miss out on minion waves and your team could potentially push the lane and destroy a tower while they respawn.

Preventing GanksEdit

  • Nuutt's "Survival Skills" can also be a substitute for wards so you don't have to spend money on the Staff of Tinos and the Staff of Protection.
  • Ant Guard's "Ant Sentries," Goblin Scout's "Cunning Trap," and Elemental Lord's "Bioluminesence" skills can all act as wards.
  • Communicate with your team when you notice enemies moving through the jungle or when they leave their lane to signal possible ganks. Common ways to indicate enemy activity include phrases like "(Enemy Hero) mia (missing in action)" to indicate you have lost sight of an enemy hero and the ping alert system which can be accessed through the mini-map and used to show hazardous areas, objectives, or just generalspots of interest.