Harpie Slayer (Anuir)
"Consider a quick death of blessing, if you meet me in a battle"
Gender Female
Class Mage
Current Meta Assassin/Mage
Damage Magical
Emblem price 24,000 Credits icon
Rune price 340 Rune icon

"Consider a quick death of blessing, if you meet me in a battle"

When she was just a child, Anuir was plucked from her Tear Coast tribe by ruthless poachers who wold her to slave traders in Greenmont. Forced to fight as a gladiator, Anuir was able to hone her battle skills in various arenas around Haradon. When she was finally able to kill her owner and become a free harpy, she vowed to annihilate anyone whose goal is to dominate the lives of others.


  • Like all other heroes, Harpy has her own combo. The most popular one is to use Phantom Blink.jpg Phantom Blink to get closer to an enemy, then use Kiss of Death.jpg Kiss of Death for a good 4 seconds stun, right after the process of Kiss of Death.jpg Kiss of Death ends, quickly burst out Black Fog.jpg Black Fog to silence your opponent for another 3 seconds meaning that enemies like Kagax cannot use Fury.jpg Fury to counterattack. After you've done all the above, use Phantom Blink.jpg Phantom Blink twice more times since Phantom Blink.jpg Phantom Blink can be used up to 3 times before 10 seconds. If your enemy is still alive, activate Shadow Corrodent.jpg Shadow Corrodent and spam auto attack, if your HP is running low, quickly uses Kiss of Death.jpg Kiss of Death again as up till now, you would be able to use it again. By now, your opponent would be dead but if he/she is still alive, chase them down with Shadow Corrodent.jpg Shadow Corrodent still activated.
  • Anuir consumes a large amount of Mana for each of her skills (especially Phantom Blink.jpg Phantom Blink) so be sure to stack up Mana items such as Boneflame wands or Searing Orbs. It is not recommended to let Anuir hold on to a Fername Blade as it does not needed in her damage scaling. It does gives her a large mana boost but for her early to mid game, Boneflame alone can do the job.


Kiss of Death Kiss of Death

Anuir siphons the life energy of a nearby enemy. The enemy can't move or attack while caught by Anuir.

Cost: 90/120/150/180 MP

Range: 5 meters

Cooldown: 14 seconds

Damage: 15/30/45/60 + [45% Magical Attack] every second for 4 seconds.

HP Restored: 1/3/5/7 % of Anuir's Maxium HP

Black Fog Black Fog

Anuir creates a thick veil of dark fog all around her.

Cost: 100 MP

Cooldown: 24/21/18/15 seconds

Damage: 100/140/180/220 + [75% Magical Attack]

Effect: Silences enemies for 3 seconds.

Shadow Corrodent Shadow Corrodent

Cost: 16 MP

Cooldown: 6 seconds

Damage: Normal Attacks deal extra damage (1.5/3/4.5/6% of Maximum MP)

Note: This is a toggle skill. You can press it to activate it and press it again to deactivate it. Beware that when it's being activated, it will consume a bit of your mana for each of your auto attack.

Phantom BlinkPhantom Blink

Anuir instantly "blinks" to a new location, then unleashes a blast of energy which damages all nearby enemies.

Cost: 160/240/320 MP

Range: 10 meters

Cooldown: 65/55/45 seconds

Damage: 75/150/225 + [100% Magical/Physical Attack]

Note: Phantom Blink can be used up to 3 times within 10 seconds before going cooldown.

Warning: By using Phantom Blink more than once, you will also consume more mana. So by using it up to 3 times all at once it would consume about 960 mana (Considering your Phantom Blink is level 3) so watch out for that. And also in the description, it said "Blink to a new location" which is only half true as Phantom Blink can only be used to blink to an enemy and not to another place which has no target. It's different from Debronee's Warpath.

Base Stats

1 492 412 49.00 0.73 8.00 4.30 15.00 13.00 0.95/s 1.26/s
2 568 460 52.60 0.74 8.00 4.30 17.30 15.53 1.12/s 1.53/s
3 644 508 56.20 0.75 8.00 4.30 19.60 18.06 1.29/s 1.80/s
4 720 556 59.80 0.76 8.00 4.30 21.90 20.59 1.46/s 2.07/s
5 796 604 63.40 0.77 8.00 4.30 24.20 23.12 1.63/s 2.34/s
6 872 652 67.00 0.78 8.00 4.30 26.50 25.65 1.80/s 2.61/s
7 948 700 70.60 0.79 8.00 4.30 28.80 28.18 1.97/s 2.88/s
8 1,042 748 74.20 0.80 8.00 4.30 31.10 30.71 2.14/s 3.15/s
9 1,100 796 77.80 0.81 8.00 4.30 33.40 33.24 2.31/s 3.42/s
10 1,176 844 81.40 0.82 8.00 4.30 35.70 35.77 2.48/s 3.69/s
11 1,252 892 85.00 0.83 8.00 4.30 38.00 38.30 2.65/s 3.96/s
12 1,328 940 88.60 0.84 8.00 4.30 40.30 40.83 2.82/s 4.23/s
13 1,404 988 92.20 0.85 8.00 4.30 42.60 43.36 2.99/s 4.50/s
14 1,480 1,036 95.80 0.86 8.00 4.30 44.90 45.89 3.16/s 4.77/s
15 1,556 1,084 99.40 0.87 8.00 4.30 47.20 48.42 3.33/s 5.04/s


2D Skins

  • Classic Skin - Released: 21-Nov-2012
  • Phoenix - Released: 21-Nov-2012 - Cost: 260 Rune icon
  • Decaying Harpy.jpg Decaying Harpy - Released: ? - Cost: 520 Rune icon

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