Heal 1
Heal 1
Heal 1
Effects Recover 250 HP
Cooldown 120 seconds
Range Self-targeted
Level 1
Example 250px
Heal 1 is a self targeted profile skill that recovers your hero's HP by 250 points.


  • Heal 1 is a decent skill early game but falls off when other enemy heroes deal more than 250 points of Magical or Physical damage in one auto-attack or skill.
  • It is debated that Heal 1 is a better skill than Heal 2 due to the cooldown yet this is not true. Heal 1 only benefits yourself when you also need to help your team. If heal 2 is taken on Border Skirmish by all your team mates for example, you have potentially 9 heals, 3 for each ally.
  • Fast Healer works with both Heal 1 and Heal 2 and heals an additional 75 HP when the talents is maxed.

Tablets that pair with Heal 1Edit

Tablet Description

Knowledge tablet

7 Order logo

9 Chaos logo

Knowledge Tablet: Upon using Heal 1 and Heal 2, all targets MP Regeneration will be increased by 6 points 30 seconds. Reduces Cooldown Time of "Heal" by 20%

Talents that pair with Heal 1Edit

Talent Description
Fast healer Fast Healer: Increase the amount you heal by 10/20/30%

Skills that are similarEdit