Javelin Warrior (Draeznor)
Two javelins better than one!
Gender Male
Class Fighter
Current Meta Fighter
Damage Physical
Difficulty 4
Physical 9
Magical 5
Resilience 5
Support 6
Emblem price 28,000Credits icon
Rune price 560Rune icon
"Two Javelins better than one!"
—Draeznor's quote upon selection

Draeznor spent most of his childhood using his brute strength to protect his weaker sibling, Kurzdor, from the more thuggish members of their tribe. When Kurzdor's magic eventually grew strong enough for him to rise and become one of the most powerful members of the horde, he cast Draeznor out in a jealous fit of rage. Plunged into an existential crisis, Draeznor's mind eventually grew as wild as the forests he roamed; his only purpose turned to wanton death and destruction.


  • It is recommended maxing your third skill, Puncture Master.png Puncture Master, first since it is your main damage tool and all of your other skills work off it.
  • Javelin Strike.png Javelin Strike is a great duelling tool against other Fighters building Attack Speed. They won't be able to compete with your ult, Rampage..png Rampage.. Use this between normal attacks to get your stun faster.
  • Dual Threat.png Dual Threat is a good way to try to escape a bad situation. Take one point in it early but max it last since it has poor damage and scaling.
  • Draeznor is very powerful late game and is good at backdooring due to his Rampage..png Rampage. giving him increased attack speed and movement speed.


Javelin Strike Javelin StrikeEdit

Draeznor throws a javelin at the target, dealing damage and reduces the enemy's Attack speed. If Draeznor has learned Puncture Master, this skill will add one stack of Bleeding Damage to the target.

Cost: 50/40/30/20 MP

Range: 13 meters

Cooldown: 9/7/5/3 seconds

Damage: 30/45/60/75 + [30% Physical Attack]

Attack Speed Reducion: 20%

Duration: 3 seconds

Dual Threat Dual ThreatEdit

Draeznor uses his two javelins to hit the target, dealing damage,then he kicks them and Draeznor backs off a short distance. Target's Movement speed is reduced. If Draeznor learns Puncture Master, this skill will add one stack of Bleeding Damage to the target.

Cost: 100 MP

Range: 3 meters

Cooldown: 20/?/14/? seconds

Damage: 50/?/110/? + [50% Physical Attack]

Movement Speed Reducion: 50%

Duration: 3 seconds

Puncture Master Puncture MasterEdit

Passive: Draeznor's normal attacks and other skills can stack Bleeding damage on the target. Each stack will deal damage and lasts for a fixed duration. When the stacks have reached 6, the target will be stunned for 0.5 seconds, and the Bleeding effect is removed.

Damage: (Hero Level X 1)

Duration: 3 seconds

Active: Draeznor becomes more powerful: His attack range increases by 3 meters and his normall attacks deal bonus Physical Damage.

Cost: 50 MP

Cooldown: 20/18/16/14 seconds

Bonus Damage: 1%/1.5%/2%/2.5% of enemy's max HP

Duration: 5 seconds

Rampage. RampageEdit

Draeznor becomes unstoppable! Attack speed and Movement Speed increases. Normal Attacks deal Bleeding damage to the target twice.

Cost: 100/?/? MP

Cooldown: 60/50/40 seconds

Attack Speed increase: 60%/70%/80%

Movement Speed increase: 10%/15%/20%

Duration: 4/6/8 seconds

Base StatsEdit

Level 1 5.00
+ Per Level - -
Level 15 5.00


2D SkinsEdit

  • Classic Skin - Released: ??-Jan-2015

3D SkinsEdit

  • Classic Skin 3D - Released: ??-Jan-2015
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