Ant Guard (Clip Dirtblade)AoEArcane Warrior (Vigelos)
Armor (Guardian Talent)Artful Assassin (Qiu Yuelan)Assassin
Bastion of Defense (Guardian Talent)Battle Engineer (Marithus)Battle Mage (Anioah)
Blessed Life (Guardian Talent)BlinkBlock (Guardian Talent)
Blue Tablets (Survivability)Bone Breaker (Valox Fireraven)Bone Stalker (Evstix)
BootsBorder SkirmishBorn Rich (Support Talent)
Bringer of Salvation (Donovac)Carapace Crown (Redtrophi Queen)Chameleon (Kuirras)
Channeled SkillsChaos InscriptionsCharge (Guardian Talent)
Child of the Forest (Nuutt)CommunicationConsumables
Cyclops (Polyphemous)Damage Absorption (Guardian Talent)Dark Diviner (Kurzdor)
Dark Elf Exile (Ihaelryna)Defense (Guardian Talent)Defense Items
Demolishment 1Demolishment 2Demon Hunter (Lebmont)
Demon Lord (Kirasath)DoTDoom Prophet (Archimtiros)
Eagle EyeEarth Colossus (Erefern)Editing Pages (Guide)
Elemental Lord (Migrove)Fast Healer (Guardian Talent)Fighter
Fire Ball 1Fire Ball 2Forge Master (Helmm Slagfist)
Forgotten Warrior (Balondis the Merciless)Frost Bolt 1Frost Bolt 2
Frostland Guardian (Rock Fist)Gaia Guardian (Laurelai)Gambler (Machry)
GankGlass CannonGoblin Scout (Khlint Giantslayer)
Golem Guardian (12-B)Green Tablets (Buffs)Grey Witch (Miranda Lathier)
GuardianGuardian Talent TreeHarbringer of Doom (Goroshia)
Harpie Slayer (Anuir)Heal 1Heal 2
HeroesHeroes of Order and Chaos Original WikiHeroes of Order and Chaos Original Wiki.
Inquisitor (Debronee)InscriptionsIron Guard (Peila Longhorn)
ItemsJavelin Warrior (Draeznor)Jungler
Last Stand (Guardian Talent)MageMagical Items
Mana Regeneration 1Mana Regeneration 2Maps
Maven of Magic (Melina Spellmann)Molten Lord (Guervus)New heroes and skins
Nomad Assassin (Savaer)Order InscriptionsPaladin Grandmaster (Lut'Hiran)
Patch 1.3.0Patch 1.6.0Patriarch of Primates (Kotun)
Phase Master (Mystic)Physical ItemsPlanewalker (Jombraa)
Priestess of the Tides (Sia Tidesinger)Profile SkillsQuickening (Support Talent)
Reborn Tyrant (Kagax)Red Tablets (Attacks and Spells)Resilient (Guardian Talent)
Resistance (Guardian Talent)Rift at SinskaaldRules
Sand Walker (Agdirousi)SandboxSavage Princess (Akartu)
Savage of the Deep (King Reega)Scoundrel (Goldfur)Skins
SneakSpirit (Support Talent)Sprint
Stone Guardian (Skale)Storm Celestial (Equellia)Strong (Guardian Talent)
SupportSupport Talent TreeTablets
TalentsTeleportThe Bloodletter (Kortav)
The Headless Horror (T'saad D'velay)The Living Weapon (Lu Yunfei)The Plagued Fang (Acridix)
The Shadow (Dailiana)Toughness (Guardian Talent)True Damage
Under Realm RuinsVitality (Support Talent)Warding
Wind Dancer (Aria Eagleheart)

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