Characteristics and RoleEdit

Mage icon

The Mage icon in-game

Mages are heroes that all deal Magical Damage and specialize in burst, crowd control and AoE damage. Most Mages play as carries (Vigelos, Anuir)  but also some playing more support roles (Machry, Goldfur) and even some playing tanky and bruiser roles (Archimtiros)

The Mage's job in a team is to burst enemy heroes/carries down quickly at the start of a teamfight or just a normal fight. Typically, mages are targeted first if they are the carry and mages are also squishy which makes them more vulnerable to ganks and being shut down.

Most Mages have strong lane presence and can control the lane with ease and, if are fed well, can have complete lane dominance and team fight presence.

Available HeroesEdit

There are currently eleven Mage Heroes:

Molten lord Molten Lord (Guervus)

Elemental lord icon Elemental Lord (Migrove)

Harbringer of doom icon Harbinger of Doom (Goroshia)

Arcane warrior icon Arcane Warrior (Vigelos)

Phase master icon Phase Master (Mystic)

Doom prophet icon Doom Prophet (Archimtiros)

Harpie slayer icon Harpie Slayer (Anuir)

Gambler icon Gambler (Machry)

Gaia Gaia Guardian (Laurelai)

Goldfur icon Scoundrel (Goldfur)

Acridix The Plagued Fang (Acridix)

Dark Diviner icon Dark Diviner (Kurzdor)

Equellia Storm Celestial (Equellia)

Melina Spellmann (Maven of magic) Maven of Magic (Melina Spellmann)


  • Molten Lord (Guervus) used to be considered one of the worst heroes in the game before his buff!
  • Harpie Slayer (Anuir)'s Kiss of Death will not have an effect if a hero goes into the air at exactly the same time they cast it. Harpie will still stand still and the sound of the skill will still be heard but it will have no effect!

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