The maps are the arenas in which the heroes of the Order and the Chaos battle against each other to achieve victory.

The maps

There are currently 3 maps which are available to play:

Border Skirmish

Border Skirmish is a 3v3 map with only one lane. This map does have neutral creature camps and two bosses: Dragon and Mogul'sh the Slicer. In competitive play, there would be one Jungler who would farm the top neutral monsters, one support hero who would farm the bottom neutral creatures and harass the lane as often as they can and one laner who is the carry.

Rift at Sinskaald

Rift at Sinskaald is a 5v5 map based on the classic MOBA map. It has 3 lanes in which minions travel down. There are neutral monsters on each side with one Lava Giant and one Frost Giant. It also has Dragon and Gjuha of the Cold . Warding is key on Rift at Sinskaald due to the large opportunities for junglers to gank. A standard team would be made up of 1-2 Fighters, 1-2 Mages, 1 Guardian and 1 Support.

Under Realm Ruins

Under Realm Ruins is HOC's own special map with two lanes. Every 3 minutes, a train will respawn on one of the tracks. They will go directly to the tower to deal damage to it. Each time the train spawns, it will have an additional 850 HP.

The towers are different too. The towers in the Under Realm Ruins all have a debuff that increases the damage to target heroes by 20% and stack up to 5 layers. The debuff lasts 15 seconds.

There are 3 bosses, each providing their own buffs: Hurk, Wrath Rune Golem and Baask. The buff provided by Baask is also special as who ever kills a hero with that buff will steal the buff from them. The buff can go from hero to hero until the duration of the buff ends.