Patriarch Of Primates (Kotun)
"Who can offer me a real challenge?"
Gender Male
Class Guardian
Current Meta Unknown
Damage Physical
Difficulty 5 Kotun Difficulty5
Physical 6 Kotun Physical6
Magical 4 Kotun Magical4
Resilience 10 Kotun Resilience10
Support 7 Kotun Support 7
Emblem price Lottery Lottery
Rune price Lottery Lottery

"Who can offer me a real challenge?"

"Kotun is a being devoted to travel. Never in one place for long, he constantly searches for new lands and new challenges, conquering all he comes across. His large frame and enormous strength make him a fearsome foe upon the battlefield. Able to snap trees with a single kick, Kotun's blows are enough to beat even the hardiest fighters into submission"


  • Kotun's passive, Indomitable.png Indomitable, can reach its full extent of power when Kotun has a lot of HP as the shield only scales with the percentage of his HP. So stacking HP items such as Stirring Soul of the Dragons, and Hades Armor can be a good idea.
  • A typical combo for Kotun involves in Cloud Blitz.png Cloud Blitz/Crush.png Crush/Battle Zen.png Battle Zen/Indomitable.png Indomitable. This combo works well in team fights because you can get into the middle of the fight easily with Cloud Blitz.png Cloud Blitz, gather all the opponents in the team fight into one area/one opponent with Crush.png Crush, does damages to all the opponents when you're auto attacking one of the opponent with damage splash from Battle Zen.png Battle Zen, and slow down enemies who are trying to escape with Indomitable.png Indomitable. However, this involves in you "Getting" into the middle of a fight, so having a lot of HP and defenses is recommended.


Crush Crush

Kotun smashes an enemy with his pillar, dealing damage to the target and pulling all enemy units within an area to the target.

Cost: 80 MP

Cooldown: 9 seconds

Range: 6 Meters

Damage: 100/155/210/265 + [55% Physical Attack]

Enchantment Effect: Increases the radius from which enemies will be pulled to the target to 9 Meters and reduces the movement speed of the affected units by 60% for 3.5 seconds.

Cloud Blitz Cloud Blitz

Kotun leaps onto his magic cloud and rushes to an area within a distance, dealing damage to all targets within 4 Meters of the target spot.

Cost: 90/110/130/150 MP

Cooldown: 16 seconds

Range 12 Meters (18 Meters if Enchanted)

Damage: 70/120/170/220 + [50% Physical Attack]  (100/150/200/250 damage + [50% Physical Attack] if Enchanted)

Enchant Effect: Increases travel distance to 18 Meters. Deals 30 + [50% Physical Attack] damage to all targets in Kotun's path. All victims suffer additional damage based on how far they were from Kotun's original position.

Indomitable Indomitable

Cost: 120 MP

Cooldown: 20 seconds

Passive: Upon receiving damage, Kotun will generate a shield to protect himself. The shield will absorb damage equal to 15/18/21/24% Kotun's Max HP. It takes 10 seconds to generate another shield when the former one breaks.

Active: Removes all control effects from Kotun. If affected by an Enchantment Effect, it also deals 80/160/240/320 + [? Psychical Attack] damage to all to all enemies within 7 meters.

Battle Zen Battle Zen

Kotun enchants his mighty pillar, increasing attack by 20/40//60 and inflicting splash damage equals to 20/25/30% of his Normal Attack's damage on nearby targets for 12 seconds.

Cost: 80 MP

Cooldown: 45/35/30 seconds

Damage: Normal Attack damage + 20/40/60 damage + 20/25/30% of his Normal Attack damage.

Duration: 12 Seconds

Additional Effect: All skills used within 8 seconds will be Enchanted and cause an additional secondary effect.

Base Stats

1 568 360 49.00 0.67 Melee 4.15 23.00 19.00 1.19/s 1.10/s
2 662 400 52.20 0.68 Melee 4.15 26.10 21.81 1.45/s 1.26/s
3 756 440 55.40 0.69 Melee 4.15 29.20 24.62 1.71/s 1.42/s
4 850 480 58.60 0.70 Melee 4.15 32.30 27.43 1.97/s 1.58/s
5 944 520 61.80 0.71 Melee 4.15 35.40 30.24 2.23/s 1.74/s
6 1,038 560 65.00 0.72 Melee 4.15 38.50 33.05 2.49/s 1.90/s
7 1,132 600 68.20 0.73 Melee 4.15 41.60 35.86 2.75/s 2.06/s
8 1,226 640 71.40 0.74 Melee 4.15 44.70 38.67 3.01/s 2.22/s
9 1,320 680 74.60 0.75 Melee 4.15 47.80 41.48 3.27/s 2.38/s
10 1,414 720 77.80 0.76 Melee 4.15 50.90 44.29 3.53/s 2.54/s
11 1,508 760 81.00 0.77 Melee 4.15 54.00 47.10 3.79/s 2.70/s
12 1,602 800 84.20 0.78 Melee 4.15 57.10 49.91 4.05/s 2.86/s
13 1,696 840 87.40 0.79 Melee 4.15 60.20 52.72 4.31/s 3.02/s
14 1,790 880 90.60 0.80 Melee 4.15 63.30 55.53 4.57/s 3.18/s
15 1,884 920 93.80 0.81 Melee 4.15 66.40 58.34 4.83/s 3.34/s


2D Skins

  • Classic Skin - Released: 22-May-2014

3D Skins

  • Classic Skin 3D - Released: 22-May-2014
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