Planewalker (Jombraa)
Jombraa(improved 4.0)
"I will walk this world and bring fear to my enemies."
Gender Male
Class Guardian
Current Meta Bruiser
Damage Magical
Difficulty 9 Difficulty 9(4)
Physical 5 Physical - 5(2)
Magical 9 Magical9(2)
Resilience 8 Resilience8(2)
Support 7 Support7(2)
Emblem price 28,000Credits icon
Rune price 400 Rune icon
"I will walk this world and bring fear to my enemies."
—Jomnraa's quote upon selection

A mysterious and temperamental courier tasked with traversing the space between realms in order to hunt down transdimensional trespassers.


  • When activating Radial Blast.jpg Radial Blast, you must cast the skill again before the timer runs out to mark and damage enemies. However, because the skill is charging when not activating, it is better to release the skill when charged as possible. This is because the more charged the skill is the more damage out-put, and you want it to suffice for the massive amounts of health it takes to activate.
  • Watch out when you're activating Eye of the Beholder.jpg Eye of the Beholder, Jombraa is still vulnerable to crowd control and will stop casting Eye of the Beholder.jpg Eye of the Beholder when stunned or petrified as it a channeled skill.
  • Charge in with Ocular Torment.jpg Ocular Torment and activate Radial Blast.jpg Radial Blast. When enemies have been tagged, either follow up with Eye of Beholder or Deadly Gaze. This can be used both to harass/poke and to initiate a fight.
  • Jombraa has both great lane sustain and lane presence due to his AoE and Ocular Torment.jpg Ocular Torment which gives HP regen. His AoE also means he can jungle effectively.
  • Remember that Jombraa's skills cost HP (Health Points), so don't run/chase or even initiate a fight with low health unless you have your team mate with you or a low cooldown on Ocular Torment.jpg Ocular Torment, as this will heal you.
  • Make sure you buy some Healing Spices when you have spare gold as this will help you continue in battle for a longer period of time without retreating.

For more information check out Chrisp's  very detailed guide:

Jombraa Triple Kill

Jombraa Triple Kill


  • Radial Blast
  • Deadly Gaze
  • Ocular Torment
  • Eye of the Beholder

Radial Blast Radial Blast

Heroes O&C Online Jombraa wreckage - eDawg

Heroes O&C Online Jombraa wreckage - eDawg


Jombraa channels his energy into his magical eye, then releases it in a sudden burst, slamming those around him with Magical Damage and tagging them.

Note: Range and damage of this skill increase during charging: if it is not released before it is fully charged, the skill will enter a cooldown state.

Cost: 232 HP

Damage: 70/105/140/175 + [50% Magical Attack]

Cooldown: 8 seconds

Deadly Gaze Deadly Gaze

Jombraa shoots a deadly beam from his magical eye, damaging targets infront of him.

Cost: 65/105/145/185 HP

Cooldown: 13 seconds

Damage: 75/125175/225 + [45% Magical Attack]

Additional Effect: Slows down targets' movement speed by 30% for 3 seconds, targets tagged by Jombraa will be immediately stunned for 1/1.25/1.5/1.75 seconds.

Ocular Torment Ocular Torment

Jombraa's eye grows painful and horrific visions appear before him. He enters a aggressive and dangerous state.

Passive: Increases leech HP by 1/3/5/7% and increases HP regeneration by 1/3/5/7

Active: Increases movement speed by 30% and increases max HP by 100/175/250/325 + [100% Magical Attack**] for 5 seconds

**bonus on max HP. So if Jombraa's Magical Attack was 125, a bonus 125 HP will be added when using Ocular Torment.

Eye of the Beholder Eye of the Beholder

Jombraa concentrates magical power into his eye, dragging nearby enemies into the center of his eye.

Cost: 154 HP

Cooldown: 70 seconds

Duration: 3 seconds

Damage: 60/90/120 per second with extra Damage dealt to targets near the center of Jombraa's eye.

Additional effects: Tagged enemies are stunned immediately when this skill hits them.

Jombraa Guide(Outdated)

Starting Items

Level 1; 1000 Gold icon:

Defensive/Support Chain mailLight calvary hat

Magical/Burst Damage Squire's Wisdom(3)Squire's Wisdom(3)

Level 15; 10,000 Gold icon:

Speed/Defence Boots of the tempest(6)Lost hermetist's capeAurora's cuirassSathion's Lolipop(2)+460Gold icon

Magical/Physical Defense Boots of the tempest(6)Lost hermetist's capeHades armorStaff of Vigor

Magical/Physical/Magical Defense Boots of the tempest(6)Lost hermetist's capeSpider queen's embraceStaff of Vigor+30Gold icon


Jombraa is best known for his survivability and can take a lot of damage yet still be able to carry on in battle without retreating or running away. That is why most of his tablets are blue, but he can also be a bruiser which is why he can use red tablets: because he can do a significant amount of damage and still be an asset to his team.

Protective Tablet Ascension Effect Information
Protective tablet When receiving damage that causes your HP to drop below 20%, grants a shield that absorbs damage equal to 20 x Your Level + 5% of your Max HP, lasts for 7 seconds. Cannot be triggered twice within 3 minutes. This tablet is really useful when you are being chased with low health, surprising an enemy who thinks they can get a last hit on you, or even when your ocular torment is on cooldown. It is a must for most tanks and heroes who try to stay in the battle field for longer.
Assistance Tablet Ascension Effect Information
Assistance tablet Decrease the Cooldown Time of Teleport by 15%. The target you teleport to receives a shield, absorbing damage equal to (100 + 10% target's Max HP). The target will is healed by the remaining HP of the shield when you successfully Teleport. Effect cannot be triggered twice within 3 minutes or on buildings. Jombraa is a good fight initiator and a good life saver. However, this requires him to all over the map because of his usefulness, and that can be especially challenging when jungling or in rift map. That is why tablet of assistance is great for jombraa to support his team.
Purity Tablet Ascension Effect Information
Purity tablet Reduces all damage received by 10% when your HP is below or at 50%. 10% does not seem like alot but if you are soaking up most of the damage for your team, 10% could be the difference between life and death. This tablet works especially well with other items and tablets.
Peace Tablet Ascension Effect Information
Peace tablet Reduces the duration of being slowed down by 10%. Also, if your HP is at or under 30%, your Movement Speed will not be lowered than your hero's default Movement Speed. (This effect is triggered by slow skills and lasts 5 seconds, and then has a cooldown time of 30 seconds.) When you are running low on health and need to make a hasty escape, this tablet is essential to escape from heroes that have a skill that slows you down and makes your Ocular Torment useless, such as cow.
Peace Tablet Ascension Effect Information
Jaguar tablet Upon leaving a bush, your Movement Speed is increased by 15% for 3 seconds. This effect is removed if you receive any type of attack. This tablet is good for chasing an enemy, running away, ganking or even escaping a gank. Not essential but gives you an advantage early game.
Desecration Tablet Ascension Effect Information
Desecration tablet 2 Each time you slay an enemy by yourself, your Max HP will be permanently increased by 5 points, to a Max HP of 360. Good tablet for giving Jombraa a boost in tankiness, and is also useful when farming, even though it requires 72 kills.
Rage Tablet Ascension Effect Information
Rage tablet Each time you slay an enemy, you regenerate 3% of your Max HP (reduced effect for AoE victims). Decent tablet, but not extremely useful since Jombraa has Ocular Torment to recover his health and can use it during combat. However it is good for killing creeps with low health when Ocular is on cooldown, or even creeps in the middle of a battle.
Regeneration Tablet Ascension Effect Information
Regeneration tablet When you receive Critical Damage, you will recover HP equal to 15% of that damage, per second for 3 seconds. Good tablet to counter fighters, especially ones that build Akhan Cutlass. However this only works with one critical at a time and Jombraa is still vulnerable to mages with high burst damage such as Arcane

Inscriptions are very useful as they give you an early game and even a late game advantage. However, to activate your tablet you must have a variety of Order and Chaos inscriptions.

If you are trying to build tablets for Jombraa, the best inscriptions to have are:

Protection inscriptionOrder logoProtection Increases Physical Defense

Divinity inscriptionOrder logoDivinity Increases magical Defense

Warmth inscriptionOrder logoWarmth Increases HP Regeneration

Barbarism inscriptionOrder logoBarbarism Increases Max HP

Sorcery inscriptionOrder logoSorcery Reduces Cooldown Time

Knowledge inscriptionChaos logoKnowledge Increases Magical Attack

Savagery inscriptionChaos logoSavagery Increases Leech HP

SpellbreakingChaos logoSpellbreaking Increases Pierce through Magical Defense

Talent Trees

Guardian Talent Tree and Support Talent Tree for good early and late game advantage in supporting your team and taking alot of damage

Armor 5 Strong 5 Defense 5 Block 5 Last stand 1

Quickening 5 Healthy lifestyle 5 Surprise 3 Sprint2 5

Skill Set

If you decide to jungle during the beginning of the game, rather than initiate a fight, it is better to start with radiant blast since the damage out-put is greater and so is the accuracy. Then once you have unlocked all three skills the best option is to max Ocular Torment.jpg Ocular Torment at Level 7 as this is the skill that you rely heavily on, not to just escape but to maneuver around the map also. Then once you reach Level 8 the best option is to max out Radial Blast.jpg Radial Blast, as this is the key skill you need to activate your skill combos/stuns. It is better to max a skill to Level 4 rather than levelling them equally because the cooldown decreases and the damage/range/buff/duration increases also.

1Radial Blast2Ocular Torment 3Deadly Gaze4Ocular Torment5Ocular Torment6Eye of the Beholder7Ocular Torment8Radial Blast9Eye of the Beholder10Radial Blast11Radial Blast12Eye of the Beholder13Deadly Gaze14Deadly Gaze15Deadly Gaze

Base Stats

1 587 0 51 0.71 Melee 4.15 23 17 1.19 0
2 683 0 54 0.72 Melee 4.15 26 20.2 1.44 0
3 779 0 57 0.73 Melee 4.15 29 23.4 1.69 0
4 875 0 60 0.74 Melee 4.15 32 26.6 1.94 0
5 971 0 63 0.75 Melee 4.15 35 29.8 2.19 0
6 1067 0 66 0.76 Melee 4.15 38 33 2.44 0
7 1163 0 69 0.77 Melee 4.15 41 36.2 2.69 0
8 1259 0 72 0.78 Melee 4.15 44 39.4 2.94 0
9 1355 0 75 0.79 Melee 4.15 47 42.6 3.19 0
10 1451 0 78 0.8 Melee 4.15 50 45.8 3.44 0
11 1547 0 81 0.81 Melee 4.15 53 49 3.69 0
12 1643 0 84 0.82 Melee 4.15 56 52.2 3.94 0
13 1739 0 87 0.83 Melee 4.15 59 55.4 4.19 0
14 1835 0 90 0.84 Melee 4.15 62 58.6 4.44 0
15 1931 0 93 0.85 Melee 4.15 65 61.8 4.69 0


Jombraa (Default)
Jombraa(improved 4.0) Jombraa default skin 3D(improved)
2D 3D
Cost: 28,000Credits icon or 400 Rune icon
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