Sand Walker (Agdirousi)
Sand walker
"You won't find better shot than me in all of Haradon my friend!"
Gender Male
Class Fighter
Current Meta
Damage Pyhiscal
Emblem price 24,000Credits icon
Rune price 340 Rune icon

"You won't find better shot than me in all of Haradon my friend!"

Agdirousi, of the lizard-like Daisauros race, was a member of the best cadre of rangers in the Great Desert. Growing up in such a rugged environment has helped him adapt for combat in the harshest of conditions. A self-sufficient, resourceful fighter, Agdirousi should never be underestimated -- under any circumstances.


  • Agdirousi is a very powerful late game fighter, while heavily gear dependant. He has moderate survivability but one of the best Ultimates in the game.
  • Agdirousi's passive, Manic, is very powerful early game. If you continue to hit an enemy, the passive's bonus attack speed can ramp up to 70% at just level 1.
  • Cage can be used effectively as a base level of crowd control in order for your team's guardians and supports to use harder, more effective crowd control.
  • Because of Manic, Agdirousi can take enemy towers very easily because the ramping of his passive when maxed is very fast. This can also mean he can backdoor effectively.


Infection Infection

The Daisauros unleashes a toxic venom that infects all enemies within range.

Cost: 60/58/56/55 MP

Range: 8 meters

Cooldown: 12/10/8/6 seconds

Effect: Reduces Physical and Magical defenses by (10/17/24/31) for (5) seconds.

Stab Stab

An ancient Daisauros attack form designed to wound an enemy as quickly and viciously as possible.

Cost: 91/110/128/146 MP

Range: 6/8/10/12 meters

Cooldown: 15 seconds

Damage: 85/135/185/235 + [53% Physical Attack] and an additional 75 if the target is infected.

Effect: Reduce target movement speed by 20% for 4 seconds.

Manic Manic

(Skill Description)

Passive: Each normal attack increases attack speed by 8/12/16/20% up to a maximum of 100%.

Effect: If the target is changed, the speed is augmented to 50% of what it was.

Cage Cage

(Skill Description)

Cost: 160/200/240 MP

Range: 7 meters

Cooldown: 85 seconds

Damage: 40/60/80 + [25% Physical Attack] per second for 3// seconds.

Effect: effected targets cannot move or use skills.

Duration: 3 seconds

Base Stats

1 530 347 50 0.70 Melee 4.40 15.00 11.00 0.95/s 1.06/s
2 610 Melee 4.40
3 690 Melee 4.40
4 770 Melee 4.40
5 850 Melee 4.40
6 930 Melee 4.40
7 1010 Melee 4.40
8 1090 Melee 4.40
9 1170 Melee 4.40
10 1250 Melee 4.40
11 1330 Melee 4.40
12 1410 Melee 4.40
13 1490 Melee 4.40
14 1570 Melee 4.40
15 1650 876 107.4 1.12 Melee 4.40 47.20 46.42 3.33/s 3.44/s


Sand Walker (Default)
175px 175px
2D 3D
Cost: 24, 000 Credits icon or (340) Rune icon
Swamp Walker
175px 175px
2D 3D
Cost: (100) Rune icon
Jade Dragon Descendent
175px 175px
2D 3D
Cost: (520) Rune icon
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