Savage of the Deep (King Reega)
Savage of the deep
"Water is King Reega's domain
Gender Male
Class Guardian
Current Meta Guardian/Bruiser
Damage Magical
Difficulty 4 Difficulty-4
Physical 4 Physical(molton)
Magical 6 Magical-6
Resilience 8
Support 4 Difficulty-4
Emblem price 1,800 Credits icon
Rune price  ? Rune icon
"Water is King Reega's domain"
—King Reega's quote upon selection

The savage and cunning King Reega ruled over a small fishfolk tribe in the Swamp of Wyrms. One night, a group of humans, tired of the fishfolk marauding, snuck in and set fire to the fishfolk camp as they slept. Reega awoke and -- rather than rousing his people -- he snuck away to safety. Cruel and selfish, Reega serves his own interests.



Water Shield Water Shield

King Reega protects an ally with a water shield. Enemies attacking Reega with the shield up will be slowed down.

Cost: 80/100/120/140 MP

Range: 8 meters

Cooldown: 15 seconds

Effect: Absorbs 80/155/225/295 + [45% Magical Attack] incoming damage for 10 seconds.

Aquatic Orbs Aquatic Orbs

King Reega hurls 3 powerful water orbs at the 3 nearest enemies.

Cost: 110/120/130/140 MP

Range: 10 meters

Cooldown: 12/10/8/6 seconds

Damage: 80/140/200/260 + [43% Magical Attack]

Note: If only 1 target is hit, 130% of the original Damage will be inflicted on the target.

Raging Heart Raging Heart

King Reega manipulates the air around him surrounding his nearby allies, protecting them from incoming Magical Attacks

Effect: 10/20/30/40 Magical Defense

Frozen Armor Frozen Armor

Reega condensates the air around him, freezes the water, then sends the shards of ice flying outward, damaging all nearby enemies.

Cost: 100/150/200 MP

Cooldown: 90/80/70 seconds

Damage: 30/40/50 + [20% Magical/Physical Attack] every second for 15 seconds. Enemies who attack Reega receive the same Damage too.

Base Stats

Level 1 568 360 51 0.71 Melee 4.3 23 19 1.19 1.1
+ Per Level 94 40 2.8 0.01 - - 2.9 3.1 0.25 0.15
Level 15 1884 920 90.2 0.85 Melee 4.3 63.6 62.26 4.69 3.2


2D Skins

  • Classic Skin - Released: 21-Nov-2012
  • Tiger Fish - Released: 21-Nov-2012 - Cost: 100 Rune icon
  • Lurker below.jpg Lurker Below - Released: 17-Jul-2014 - Cost: 520 Rune icon

3D Skins

Guardian Forgotten WarriorGolem GuardianSavage of the DeepEarth ColossusFrostland GiantBone BreakerPaladin GrandmasterCyclopsPlanewalkerPatriarch Of PrimatesBringer of SalvationCarapace Crown
Fighter Sand WalkerInquisitorReborn TyrantDark Elf ExileChameleonNomad AssassinDemon HunterSavage PrincessWind DancerChild of the ForestBone StalkerThe BloodletterThe ShadowBattle EngineerJavelin WarriorArtful Assassin
Mage Doom ProphetMolten LordElemental LordPhase MasterHarbinger of DoomHarpie SlayerArcane WarriorGamblerGaia GuardianScoundrelThe Plagued FangDark DivinerStorm Celestial
Support Grey WitchPriestess of the TidesGoblin ScoutAnt GuardIron GuardDemon LordBattle MageForge MasterStone Guardian

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