Disciple of the void 2D

Vigelos' elite skin: Disciple of the Void.

Skins are the appearance of a heroes. In Heroes of Order and Chaos, most skins are available in the shop, whilst others are or were available only from special events or promotions. Some of the skins also give heroes different particle effects for their 4 skills.

Skins are divided into two categories: Alternate and Elite. Alternate skins tend to be cheaper and less impressive (often only slight changes in armor/clothes color) while Elite skins embody drastic changes to the hero's theme or look. Select Elite Skins also have changes to the color or particle effects of the hero's skills. The skins that are being released now are all Elite skins and it's going to be very unlikely in the future that Gameloft will make any more alternative skins.

Skin PricingEdit

Skins that are/were purchasable went into ? different price categories: 60 Rune icon, 400 Rune icon, 520 Rune icon,799 Rune icon, 999 Rune icon. The higher the price of the skin reflects the amount of work put into the skin or if the skin was a limited edition skin. Skins are never available for emblems Credits icon and will always be for runes Rune icon.

Sometimes and at global events, skins are put on sale for 25% to 50% of the original price.

Promotional SkinsEdit

Gameloft has released special promotional skins in the past to celebrate certain holidays or events. These are different from themed skins like Sick Bunny and Bunny (Easter Themed) and are only available for short amounts of time.

Promotional Skins include:

Unreleased SkinsEdit

Phase Master SkinEdit

Phase skin 2D Phase skin game Phase skin game 1 Phase skin game 2

Inquisitor SkinEdit

Mecha Sentry 2D Deb skin game

Harpie Slayer SkinEdit

Anuir skin 2D Anuir skin game Anuir skin game 1

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