Effects Become invisible for 2 seconds (6 seconds with the Malignity Tablet). Also take 20% Damage Reduction after Invisibilty.
Cooldown 150 seconds
Range N/A
Level 39
Example 250px
Sneak is a profile skill that lets the user go into an invisible state for 2 seconds. When the user Is in invisible mode it can be for either running away or getting close up to the character to finish them of. This skills power will triple if you are using the malignity tablet as it gives you more time to run or more time to catch up to the enemy hero.


Tablets that pair with SneakEdit

Tablet Description

Malignity tablet

10 Order logo

6 Chaos logo

Malignity Tablet: Increase the duration of Sneak to 6 seconds. Plus, when you're out of an invisible state, all damage done to you will be decreased by 20%; lasts 5 seconds. This effect can only be triggered once per minute

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