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Support icon

The support icon in-game

These heroes play a supportive role in Heroes of Order and Chaos. An extremely diverse group, their skills benefit the team in a variety of ways including buffs, debuffs, healing, crowd control, and even damage. Most supports are also fairly tanky, giving them a resilient edge in battle that allows them to survive with relative ease and continue to aid the team. Consequently, many Supports can play in the role of a Bruiser such as Anioah and Helmm, while others, whose skills scale nicely or complement an offensive play style, like Clip Dirtblade and Peila Longhorn can even be used as an impromptu carry.

The role of the majority of Supports is to assist the main carry in getting kills by sustaining them in lane or crippling their enemies. If you choose to play Support, you will have to learn where you and your skills are best utilized. Often times, you will play in the back ground behind the front lines, throwing out spells where necessary. Many Supports, Clip Dirtblade and Kirasath as an example, have melee range auto-attacks but should still be played at a range where they are most effective while others should make it their priority to close in with the enemy.

Map Awareness and teamwork is key, so be prepared with plenty of wards and use the proper profile skills. Wards are an important strategy to take advantage of and it is largely your duty to ensure Wards are placed. As far as profile skills go, typically Heal Level 2 will be used on Border Skirmish while Teleport will be used on the Rift at Sinskaald and Under Realm Ruins Maps. Other viable, but much less popular, skills include Blink, Eagle Eye, Heal Level 1, and Sprint.

Available Heroes:Edit

There are currently nine Support Heroes:

Iron guard icon Iron Guard (Peila Longhorn)

Ant guard icon Ant Guard (Clip Dirtblade)

Goblin scout icon Goblin Scout (Khlint Giantslayer)

Battle mage icon Battle Mage (Anioah)

Demon lord icon Demon Lord (Kirasath)

Grey witch icon Grey Witch (Miranda Lathier)

Priestess of the tides icon Priestess of the Tides (Sia Tidesinger)

Helmm Forge Master (Helmm Slagfist)

Skale block image Stone Guardian (Skale)


  • The Support Class has the lowest number of Heroes available
  • Supports' skills all have green backgrounds except for Skale who has a purple background for his skills.

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