Talents are additional bonus' that can change your hero's statistics that will aid you in battle. A single talent point is made available every level, all the way up to level 40. The first three talents are given to the player for free for each Talent tree whilst the others cost emblems.

Types of Talents

There are four types of talents: Guardian, Fighter, Mage and Support.

  • Guardian Talents - These give defensive and survivability statistics. These are usually chosen by Guardians but can also be chosen by other classes to increase tankability and survivability.
  • Fighter Talent Tree - These increase your hero's Physical Attack, Attack Speed, Critical Hit, Harvest and other statistics that would be useful to a Fighter or a Bruiser. Physical Attack has no effect on heroes that deal Magical Damage.
  • Mage Talents - These increase your hero's Magical Attack, Leech, skill damage and they also decrease Cooldown Times. They also provide other statistics that would be useful to a Mage or any hero that deals Magical Damage. Magical Attack has no effect on heroes that deal Physical Damage.
  • Support Talents - These increase your hero's survivability and generally makes laning easier. These are chosen by all types of heroes but Supports benefit most from them since some of them are orientated around gold which is what Supports do not usually have.

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