The Living Weapon (Lu Yunfei)
"I am more than a man, I am a living weapon!."
Gender Male
Class Fighter
Current Meta Assassin/Fighter
Damage Physical
Emblem price 19,000 Credits icon
Rune price 560 Rune icon
"I am more than a man, I am a living weapon!"
—Lu Yunfei's quote upon selection

Lu Yunfei was originally the Living Weapon of master fighter Qiu Yuelan, and together they were unstoppable. However, though their victories grew more and more numerous, Qiu Yuelan became worried that it was Lu Yunfei who was truly the one achieving these successes instead of her, so one day, she laid down the weapon and struck out on her own. Hurt and enraged by this abandonment, Lu Yunfei began tracking down after Living Weapons and draining their essences, eventually became powerful enough to build himself a human body.


Heroes of Order & Chaos - Lu Yunfei Spotlight01:56

Heroes of Order & Chaos - Lu Yunfei Spotlight


Lightning Burst Lightning Burst

Lu Yunfei throws his weapon at a position, creating an area filled with lightning. The "lightning area" lasts for 4 seconds. This skill will add a Lightning Mark on the affected Heroes that lasts for 3 seconds.

Cost: ?/?/?/? MP

Range: ?/?/?/? meters

Cooldown: ?/?/?/? seconds

Damage: 40/?/?/? + [30% Physical Attack]

Lord of Lightning Lord of Lightning

If there is a lightning area active, Lu Yunfei will teleport to the area dealing Physical Damage to any enemies around him. If there is no lightning area active, Lu Yunfei will deal Physical Damage to any enemies directly around him. This skill will add a Lightning Mark to affected Heroes for 3 seconds and reduce their Movement Speed by 40% for 3 seconds.

Cost: ? MP

Range: ? MP

Cooldown: ? seconds

Damage: 90/?/?/? + [70% Physical Attack]

Movement Speed Reduction: 40% for 3 seconds

Lightning Laceration Lightning Laceration

Passive: Lu Yunfei's Normal attack on a target with a Lightning Mark deals 3% of their current HP as bonus Physical Damage.

Active: If there is a target with a Lightning Mark within 8 meters, Lu Yunfei will move to behind the target, dealing Physical Damage to them and reducing the Cooldown time of this skill by 0.5 seconds. If there are not targets with Lightning Marks, Lu Yunfei will add a Lightning Mark on all enemy Heroes that lasts for 3 seconds.

Active Damage: 80 + [50% Physical Attack]

Lightning Kick Lightning Kick

Lu Yunfei unleashes a powerful kick that launches an enemy 30 meters in the opposite direction, dealing Physical Damage. If the skill is used again within 3 seconds, Lu Yunfei will rush to the target and deal additional Physical Damage.

Cost: 80/110/140 MP


Cooldown: 70 seconds

First Cast Damage: 100 + [70% Physical Attack]

Second Cast Damage: 300 + [70% Physical Attack]

Base Stats

Level 1 ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
+ Per Level ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
Level 15 ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?


2D Skins

3D Skins

Guardian Forgotten WarriorGolem GuardianSavage of the DeepEarth ColossusFrostland GiantBone BreakerPaladin GrandmasterCyclopsPlanewalkerPatriarch Of PrimatesBringer of SalvationCarapace Crown
Fighter Sand WalkerInquisitorReborn TyrantDark Elf ExileChameleonNomad AssassinDemon HunterSavage PrincessWind DancerChild of the ForestBone StalkerThe BloodletterThe ShadowBattle EngineerJavelin WarriorArtful Assassin
Mage Doom ProphetMolten LordElemental LordPhase MasterHarbinger of DoomHarpie SlayerArcane WarriorGamblerGaia GuardianScoundrelThe Plagued FangDark DivinerStorm Celestial
Support Grey WitchPriestess of the TidesGoblin ScoutAnt GuardIron GuardDemon LordBattle MageForge MasterStone Guardian

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