The Shadow (Dailiana)
"I will deliver them to death's door."
Gender Female
Class Fighter
Current Meta Assassin/Tank
Damage Physical
Difficulty 8 Diff8
Physical 9 Phy9
Magical 6 Mag6
Resilience 5 Res5
Support 5 Sup5
Emblem price 12, 000Credits icon
Rune price 560Rune icon
"I will deliver them to death's door."
—Dailiana's quote upon selection

"The last disciple of a forgotten school of assassination, Dailiana searches endlessly for a worthy successor. Until she finds one, she fights and observes, scouring battlefields for the most promising of candidates -- then attempting to kill them. Only those who can survive will be considered for the opportunity to learn her skills, which hone the senses and give unparalleled skill with a blade."


New Hero DAILIANA Skill Spotlight

New Hero DAILIANA Skill Spotlight


Bladewind Bladewind

Dailiana creates an expanding whirlwind of steel, slashing all nearby enemies. The closer a victim is, the more damage they receive.

Cost: ?/?/?/? MP

Cooldown: ?/?/?/? seconds

Range: 6 Meters

Damage: 50/100/150/200 minimum + [65% Physical Attack] and maximum 125/200/275/350 + [65% Physical Attack]

Shadow Dash Shadow Dash

Dailiana dashes forward, striking her oponents with force.

Cost: 70/80/90/100 MP

Cooldown: ?/?/?/? seconds

Range: 8 meters

Damage: 30/?/?/? + [50% Physical Attack]

Movement Speed Reduction: 50% for 3 seconds

Additional Effect: The dash ends immediately upon hitting an enemy hero, and can be cast a second time within 4 seconds before going on Cooldown.

Creeping Darkness Creeping Darkness

Passive: Places 1 stack of Shadow Power (Debuff) on the target with each hit or spell. Each stack of Shadow Power will cause the target to receive an extra 4 damage when attacked by Dailiana. Stacks 5 times.

Duration: 8 seconds

Mana Cost: 50

Cooldown: ?/?/?/? seconds

Active: Using her Ninjutsu skills, Dailiana slows her target by 99%, lasting 1.5 seconds. She will gain 20% Attack Speed for every stack of Shadow Power on the target, lasting 3 seconds

Shadow Mastery Shadow Mastery

Dailiana invokes her mastery of the shadow arts, unleashing a torrent of blows upon her enemies.

Damage: 75/150/225 + [25% Physical Attack] for each hit; total of 5 hits

Mana Cost: ?/?/?/? MP

Cooldown: 80/60/40 seconds

Note: This skill will randomly select targets, favoring enemy heroes. A target that is hit twice by this skill receives 10% less damage the second time, 20% less the third time, and so on. Each hit of this skill can trigger Normal Attack effects.

Base Stats


Dailiana (Default)
Dailiana Dailiana3d
2D 3D
Cost: 560 Rune icon
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