"The machine of industry has roared in this realm of shadow and deceit for years. But there are secrets beyond the torchlight that still remained buried in the depths.Now, the sting of clashing steel echoes in the dark... As we fight to discover what mysteries lay waiting to be claimed. Haradon's fate rises from the ruins from the Under Realm."

Under Realm Ruins is a unique 5vs5 map available in Heroes of Order and Chaos.



  • Order Base and Chaos Base are located at the top right and the bottom left respectively.
  • There are 2 lanes available for battle. Both lanes have a train track on the ground.
  • There is 1 huge jungle in the middle which lies the typical monsters from other maps.
  • 2 mini bosses (Hurk and Wrath Rune Golem) and 1 center boss (Baask the Souless) were added, which are situated at the top left, bottom right and the center of the map respectively.
  • 2 types runes runes (4 runes each) are added into the map as well. They are: Haste Rune which are found in the jungle and Regeneration Rune which are found nearby the mini bosses.
  • There are portals found near the center boss with colors green and red. using the red portal will teleport you to Hurk while the green portal will send you to Wrath Rune Golem.

Soldiers & StructuresEdit

  • Every 30 seconds, bases of both sides will spawn 3 melee creeps and 2 ranged creeps and sometimes 1 mechanical creep.
  • Order Side: 1 tower is situated at the top lane and 3 towers at the bottom lane.
  • Chaos Side: 3 towers located at the top lane and 1 tower at the bottom lane.
  • Projectiles of Towers are now "lobbed" onto enemies and places a stackable debuff which increases the tower's damage against one particular enemy.
  • Every 3 minutes, a train wil be spawned on the train track. These trains deal damage to towers depending on its HP. Players are able to attack the train to destroy it.


Like other maps, you have to destroy the enemy base to win. With 4 enemy towers and 5 heroes, you have to carry your way through with your teammates.