Warding is when a item/skill is placed in a certain place to grant vision and map awareness. Wards are used to prevent ganks and to know when objectives are being taken.

Skills and items that can wardEdit

Staff of Tinos
Staff of Tinos (75 gold)

Staff of Protection
Staff of Protection (150 gold)

Vanguard brooch
Vanguard Brooch (Item) (2800 gold)

Elemental Lord (Migrove)'s Bioluminescence skill

Ant Sentries
Ant Guard (Clip Dirtblade)'s Ant Sentries skill

Survival Skills
Child of the Forest (Nuutt)'s Survival Skills skill

Cunning Trap
Goblin Scout (Khlint Giantslayer)'s Cunning Trap

FlareGoblin Scout (Khlint Giantslayer)s flare